2024 South Africa DStv Installation Price Guide: Costs and Local Installer Info

South Africa DStv Installation Price Guide: Costs and Local Installer Info

DStv Installation price is going up in 2024. MultiChoice South Africa says the new costs start on 1 April. You might see your bill increase by 3.1% to 7.8%. Even with these changes, there are ways to find good deals on installation.

Look for vouchers at PEP or special offers like Price Lock deals and trade-ins that cover installation fees.

In Johannesburg and other cities, you can find top DStv installers ready to set up your service. They know all about the different packages, including Premium and Compact, which sports fans will love even more this year despite the price hike.

From my own experience, choosing an installer who offers clear pricing upfront saves a lot of hassle later on.

Decoding DSTV Installation Costs

Decoding DSTV Installation Costs

Understanding DSTV installation costs can seem tricky. Prices change based on location, package, and extra gear needed.

What Affects DStv Installation Prices? A Beginner’s Guide

Several factors play a key role in determining the cost of DStv installations. The type of equipment, such as the dish or decoder, and any additional services needed can change the price.

For example, choosing an Explora over a basic HD PVR model will affect your final bill. The installation process itself also varies; complex setups like adding extra views demand more work and thus, higher charges.

You get what you pay for – better equipment means slightly higher costs.

From my own experience with different setups at home, I’ve seen firsthand how choices impact costs. Opting for full packages or special features often requires expert installers who charge more for their skills and time.

Installation prices further differ across locations due to travel expenses or regional pricing strategies by service providers. Whether it’s a straightforward connection in Johannesburg or a full setup with advanced features in Cape Town, location makes a difference.

DSTV Installation Packages and Their Prices in a Table

Package NameDescriptionPrice From
Basic InstallationStandard single view decoder, dish kit, and installationR650 – R800
Explora InstallationIncludes DStv Explora decoder, smart LNB, dish kit, installationR1,500 – R2,000
XtraView InstallationConnects two decoders for dual viewing, includes installationR1,200 – R1,600
Triple View InstallationSetup for three decoders, allows independent viewing on three TVsR1,800 – R2,200
Relocation ServicesMoving of existing installation to a new locationR750 – R1,000
Dish RealignmentAdjustment and realignment of satellite dishR300 – R500
Upgrade to HD or ExploraUpgrading from older decoders to HD or ExploraR1,000 – R1,500

Installation cost depends on specifics like location, type of installation, and extra features chosen.

From my experience, the final installation price can differ based on several factors. These include the complexity of the setup desired and any additional services like extra-view. Typically, you might find that installation charges for a straightforward setup in an easily accessible location will be on the lower end.

On the other hand, opting for advanced features, such as linking multiple rooms to a single decoder, can increase the cost.

The table provides a snapshot of various DSTV packages and what you might expect to pay monthly. Installation costs fluctuate, underscoring the importance of discussing specifics with a certified installer. They can offer a precise quote tailored to your needs.

Tips for Finding Great DStv Installation Services Near You

Finding the perfect team to set up your DStv can be easy with the right tips.

  1. Check for accredited installers: Make sure the company or person you choose is officially recognised by DStv. This means they have the skills and tools to do a great job.
  2. Read reviews and testimonials: Look at what other customers say about their experiences. Happy customers usually mean good service.
  3. Ask for referrals: Talk to friends or family who have had DStv installed recently. They can point you to reliable providers.
  4. Compare prices: Get quotes from several installers in your area. This will help you find fair prices for quality work.
  5. Consider experience: Choose someone who has a lot of experience with DStv setups. They’re likely to handle any challenges better.
  6. Look for special offers: Sometimes, installers have deals, like free setup with certain packages or discounts on extra services.
  7. Inspect their customer service: Call them up and ask a few questions. Quick, helpful responses show they value their customers.
  8. Verify coverage area: Ensure they provide services in your city, whether it’s Johannesburg, Cape Town, or somewhere else in South Africa.
  9. Check availability: Pick an installer who can fit into your schedule easily so that you don’t have to wait too long.
  10. Ask about warranty: A good installer will offer a warranty on their work, giving you peace of mind after the setup is complete.

DSTV Decoder and Its Installation Pricing

Installing a DSTV decoder changes your TV game. Prices vary, but picking the right package makes all the difference.

How Much to Install DSTV Explora

Installing DStv Explora needs a big satellite bowl and a special LNB. Prices change based on what you need for your setup. You’ll spend different amounts depending on the work required to put everything in place.

The average cost to fit DStv Explora varies across installers. Expect to pay for labour, the dish, and accessories. It usually takes 2-4 hours to get everything working right. Shopping around helps find good deals that include all parts and work needed.

Price for DSTV Dish Installation

The cost of setting up a DSTV dish can vary. Easy Install offers these services at prices you’ll find reasonable, with no hidden extras to worry about. You pay for what you get – straightforward and fair.

DSTV dish setup is not just an expense; it’s an investment in quality home entertainment.

Prices differ based on your location within South Africa and the package you choose. Whether in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban, finding a deal that fits your budget is possible.

Remember, investing in a proper installation ensures you enjoy all that DSTV has to offer without hassle.

Prices for DSTV Decoders with Installation Included

After looking into the cost for a DSTV dish set-up, it’s time to explore what you’ll pay for decoders with installation included.

  1. Single View HD Decoder Package – Comes with a decoder, satellite dish kit, smart card, and remote control. Installation to one TV is also covered. This is the basic setup for new subscribers.
  2. DSTV Explora 3A HD Decoder Special – Offers an improved viewing experience with features like recording and pausing live TV. The package includes the decoder, satellite dish, smart LNB (low-noise block downconverter), and installation To one point.
  3. Price Lock Deals – These are special offers that lock in your installation price along with the decoder costs for a certain period. They often include extras like free months of access to certain DSTV bouquets or channels.
  4. Full Installation Voucher – Available at selected retailers, this voucher covers the cost of a full DSTV installation, including all necessary equipment and labor costs. It’s ideal for customers looking to bundle their purchases and save money.

Each option caters to different needs whether you’re setting up DSTV for the first time or upgrading your home entertainment system. With comprehensive packages available, getting started with DSTV is straightforward and convenient.

Understanding the Typical DSTV Installation Fee

The usual fee for setting up DStv includes labour and parts like cables and dishes. Keep reading to learn more!

A Table of What People on average Usually Pay for DSTV Installation

Understanding what you might pay for DStv installation helps in budget planning. Costs vary, influenced by the type of service—like installing a new decoder or adding extra view features.

Here’s a straightforward look at the average prices customers pay for different DStv installations.

Installation TypeAverage Price
Standard Decoder InstallationR300 – R500
Extra View SetupR350 – R400
Explora Decoder InstallationR800 – R1200
Dish Installation OnlyR400 – R700
Full Explora Installation with DishR1200 – R2000

This table gives a clear view of what customers usually pay. Remember, only accredited installers should do the job. Prices can change based on your location and the complexity of the installation. Always ask for a detailed quote before proceeding.

Average DStv Installation Prices Across Major South African Cities

Average DStv Installation Prices Across Major South African Cities

Prices for DStv installation vary from city to city in South Africa. Expect different costs in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

What It Costs in Cities Like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban

Checking DStv installation prices in South Africa’s big cities gives you a clear picture. Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban show some differences in costs.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Johannesburg: Starting with the bustling heart of Gauteng, installing DStv here might set you back between R500 to R1000 for a basic setup. This includes getting your single decoder up and running without any frills. Given my own experience, this range is pretty accurate. The cost could edge higher if extra services like DStv Explora or additional connections are on your wishlist.
  2. Cape Town: Venturing down to the coast, Cape Town’s prices show some variation mainly due to logistics and demand. A standard 80cm satellite dish—essential for catching all those signals—costs around R1,500 here. Labour rates might hit between R400 to R750 per hour depending on who you hire. In my quest for crystal-clear TV, these figures matched the quotes I received.
  3. Durban: Lastly, Durban offers a more relaxed vibe but not necessarily lower prices. A basic installation fee also ranges from R500 to R1,000 similar to Johannesburg. Yet, what stands out is the friendly service and willingness of installers to negotiate packages that include extra features or devices at a reasonable rate.

Across these cities, remember that opting for advanced setups like the DStv Explora can push up costs significantly. Also, always ask about possible specials or discounts which can save money in the long run.

New DSTV Installation Price for 2024

The new DStv installation price for 2024 has changed. Check the latest rates and what you can expect to pay this year.

Detailed Table: Latest New DStv Installation Price

Stay ahead with the latest DStv installation pricing for 2024. MultiChoice South Africa has updated its rates, effective 1 April.

Single-view HD Decoder (including installation)R999
Extra View Installation (additional to primary setup)R350 – R400
Basic Installation in Cape Town (with single decoder)R500 – R1000
Decoder Hardware (following the price adjustment)Varies

Prices are set for a smooth viewing experience. From my experience, opting for the bundled installation with the decoder purchase offers convenience and excellent value. The extra view installation cost is minimal compared to the added viewing pleasure it provides.

Whether in bustling Johannesburg or scenic Cape Town, these prices are designed to keep you connected to your favourite shows without breaking the bank.

Things That Can Change Your DSTV Installation Charges

Several factors can hike up your DSTV installation charges. The type of equipment you choose, like going for a DSTV Explora over a simpler decoder, makes a big difference. Prices soar with complexity; the more intricate your setup, such as needing extra cables or a more advanced satellite dish, the higher the cost.

Labour rates too play a significant role. In places like Johannesburg and Pretoria, installers might charge more per hour than in smaller towns.

Choosing additional services — think adding DSTV relocations or opting for high-definition channels — also bumps up your bill. From personal experience, not getting it right the first time led to paying extra for adjustments and added services I hadn’t considered at first.

Remember, every choice from equipment to extras adds up on your final bill.

Smart Tips to Save on the Cost of DStv Installation

Follow these smart tips and you could save money

  1. Compare prices from different installers. Don’t just go with the first option you find. Look around, get quotes from several technicians in your area, and compare them. This includes checking out specialists in Bloemfontein, East London, and Sandton.
  2. Ask for bundled deals. Sometimes vendors offer discounts when you buy more than one service or product from them. Check if there are any DSTV Explora installation specials or full package deals available.
  3. Opt for off – peak times for your installation. Installers might charge less during their quieter periods.
  4. Do some tasks yourself if you can safely do so. Simple steps like running cables or drilling holes might reduce the time an installer needs to spend on your job.
  5. Look out for promotions and discounts especially during holidays or special events when businesses are looking to attract more customers.
  6. Consider buying your own equipment like the DSTV dish or decoder before getting it installed by a professional to potentially save on markup prices that some installers might add to the equipment.
  7. Use social media and community groups to find recommendations for reliable yet affordable local services near you.
  8. Make sure your installer knows exactly what you want beforehand by being clear about your needs—this prevents wasted time or unnecessary work, which could increase costs.
  9. Keep an eye on new pricing plans each year; staying updated means you can switch if something cheaper comes along without lowering quality.

These strategies aim at making sure you get value for your money without compromising on quality DStv installation services.

Satellite Dish Installation: What Are the Costs?

Satellite dish installation prices can vary. For a basic setup, expect to pay between R500 and R1000. This includes getting the dish up and linked to one decoder. If you’re in Cape Town, installing an average 80cm satellite receiver might cost you around R1,500.

Companies like DStv Gauteng offer deals that won’t break the bank. They have no hidden fees.

Going for more decoders or a bigger setup? The price goes up. Labour costs range from R420 to R750 per hour. Plus, adding a Twin LNB will set you back another R320 to R450. Keep these figures in mind while planning your budget.

Hearing from Users: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Reading what others say about their DStv installations gives powerful insights. People often share how quick and easy the installers made the process. They talk about whether they found the cost worth it for channels like DStv Compact.

Reviews can guide you to services that stand out in areas such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban.

First-hand stories from users are a goldmine of information. They help paint a picture of what to expect with DStv explora installation prices and service quality. Testimonials might highlight an installer’s prompt response or attention to detail in setting up everything needed for top-notch entertainment at home.

Taking time to look at these opinions ensures you make informed choices for your own installation needs.

How to Find the Best DStv Installation Deals

How to Find the Best DStv Installation Deals

Finding the best DStv installation deals requires a bit of research and timing. Keeping an eye out for special offers can lead to big savings.

  1. Visit DStv’s official website regularly – They often list current promotions and deals for new subscribers that include reduced prices on installation.
  2. Check out retailer vouchers – Some stores offer DStv packages that come with discounted or even free installation services.
  3. Look for accredited installers – Use the list of approved DStv installers to find professionals offering competitive rates.
  4. Ask about bundles – Sometimes, purchasing a decoder package along with installation can be cheaper than buying them separately.
  5. Read customer reviews – Websites and forums offer insight into which installers provide great service at the best price.
  6. Compare quotes online – Tools are available that let you request installation quotes from multiple providers at once.
  7. Contact Motion Tech Installers in Johannesburg – They’re known for their affordable and transparent pricing without hidden fees.
  8. Watch for seasonal discounts – Installation prices may drop during certain times of the year, like holidays or end-of-financial-year sales.
  9. Get referrals from friends and family – They might know about ongoing deals or recommend an installer who offers quality service at a lower cost.
  10. Move during promotions – Companies often have special rates for new homeowners or those moving into a new apartment.

I learned firsthand how valuable asking directly can be when I phoned several local installers and compared their offers side by side—this led me to a deal not advertised online, saving me money on my DStv setup.


1. What’s the cost of DStv installation?

The price varies, depending on your location and the package you choose. For instance, DStv installation prices in Johannesburg might differ from those in Cape Town or Durban.

2. Can I find out how much it is to install DStv near me?

Yes, you can easily check the latest DStv installation prices near you by contacting local expert DSTV installers for accurate quotes.

3. Is there a difference between the DSTV Explora price with installation and other packages?

Absolutely – the DSTV Explora comes with its own set of features, making its installation price potentially higher than standard decoder options.

4. How much does a full DSTV installation cost?

A full DSTV installation includes not just your decoder but also dish setup; hence, it’s priced higher. Prices vary across South Africa.

5. Do costs include both the DSTV decoder and satellite dish installation?

Yes, when asking about full dstv installation prices or specific packages like dstv explora price with installation – they often bundle both decoder and dish setup costs together.